SEO HERO GAME With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

So, you think you're the one true SEO HERO? The SEO Hero Game has 20 questions.
Real actionable questions and real SEO challenges we've come across over the years.

Be Strong. Be Brave. Be Humble. Be an SEO Hero

Here’s Why the SEO Hero Game is Worth Your Time?

  • Real-life cases – this quiz requires not only theoretical knowledge, you will also be required to inspect URLs and identify real SEO problems and issues.
  • Up to date – this is the most current quiz for 2017 and the only one that includes updates from the past year.
  • Academic level – I would like to think that if this was an SEO academy, this is what a test would look like: challenging, no shortcuts, but also very enjoyable.

This is not an easy quiz, I assure you. But if you or your potential employees will get a mark of 50% (out of 100% of course), you can rest assured that your knowledge is way above average.

Naturally, I will be happy to receive your feedback and hope you will find this SEO Hero quiz useful and challenging.

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Roy Skif